Ice-T not only invented gangster rap, he has lived it. Ice-T is the original embodiment of LA Hip-Hop and a cultural icon. Through his music, his books (The Ice Opinion, Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood), and his lecture tours of America’s prisons, high schools, libraries, and colleges (including Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford), Ice-T has become an influential spokesman for America’s youth, regardless of color.

Born in New Jersey, Ice-T learned the art of survival pretty fast. An only child whose parents died when he was very young, Ice-T became involved in Los Angeles gangs before spending four years in the army.

His first break came when the producers of the film Breakin’ asked him to rap in the movie. He went on to become rap music’s original gangster, writing songs like “Six in the Mornin” and “New Jack Hustler.”

Ice-T formed Rhyme Syndicate Records in 1989 and released a string of groundbreaking West Coast rap records. He subsequently formed the thrash metal band Body Count with close high school friend and guitarist Ernie C. Body Count’s 1991 self-titled debut contained the controversial single “Cop Killer.” Body Count was the most critically acclaimed act on the highly successful 1991 Lollapalooza tour, and continues to tour worldwide.

As his politics were grabbing headlines, Ice-T’s film and television career was taking off. The controversial personality secured roles in New Jack City, Ricochet, Trespass and Johnny Mnemonic, all while building a flourishing television career. He has numerous independent and documentary film roles to his credit as well.

Ice-T currently stars in NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Odafin Tutuola for his fifteenth season, as well as stars on the reality show Ice Loves Coco with his wife Coco for the E! Network.

As an artist, his reach has crossed from music into film and television, and interactive media. He is the voice of “Griffin” in the Gears of War 3 game released in Sept. 2011. As an author, in 2011 he released two books, the first being, Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood (Random House) and the second book a fictional tale entitled, Kings of Vice (Tor). The follow up to Kings of Vice, Mirror Image is being released May 7, 2013.

In Jan. 2012, Ice premiered his directorial debut, “Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap”, at the Sundance Film Festival. “The Art of Rap” is a documentary that takes viewers on a personal journey into the craft and skill of rap, and what goes on inside the minds and erupts from the pens of 38 rap legends. In Sept. 2012 the Ice-T produced documentary Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is slated for theatrical release on July 2012.


Kris Koenig | Executive Producer, Producer, Director & Writer

Kris Koenig is managing partner of Dead Patriot Films, Inc. and is an expert in camera work, interviewing, lighting, writing, and production management. In 2005, Kris won two Emmy® Awards for the ten-hour PBS telecourse “Astronomy: Observations and Theories,” for Instructional Programming and Outstanding Non-news Writing. Kris decided to take on the 2nd Amendment after producing a film on urban gangs infiltrating rural California and witnessing the intersecting paths of civil rights and public safety in our society. He is also an avid gun collector and enjoys hunting, clay and competitive pistol shooting. Kris has four grown children and, in his free time, manages one of the only community observatories in the nation, the Chico Community Observatory.

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Anita Ingrao has worked in video and film production for 25 years. She previously worked with Kris Koenig as a videographer and production assistant for the Emmy® Award-winning ten-hour PBS telecourse “Astronomy: Observations and Theories.” Anita has also worked as videographer, editor, and production assistant for “News Writing” and “English Composition: Writing for an Audience,” nationwide telecourses by Annenberg/CPB. Anita helps manage the Chico Community Observatory with Kris and can often be found at the local range target practicing with her .38 Smith and Wesson.

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